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Do you fancy a mud bath in Dalyan, Turkey?

 Just for fun I have written a story about my trip to the Mud Baths in Dalyan, Turkey. Meet my pals, Billy Greatlates & Dolly Deckchair.
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“Fancy a mud bath anyone” declared Bob “It will make you look 10 years younger”. Billy Greatlates laughed and replied “Dolly Deckchair needs to look 10 years younger”. “You cheeky so and so Billy, I’m beautiful just as I am” said Dolly. “Only joking, you are gorgeous” replied Billy.

The mud baths are at Dalyan and they are an easy trip from the resort of Marmaris in southern Mediterranean Turkey. They got on the coach and travelled through some lovely Turkish countryside.

The first stop was at a carpet making factory. It was a cooperative an there were lots of hand crafted carpets being made by the locals. “A cup of tea sir” said the Carpet man. “Yes please” said Bob and the group drank the tea as they looked at numerous intricately woven carpets. "You can get a top quality carpet at a fraction of the price available in the big retail shops at home. They will ship them for you" said Dolly.

Dalyan is a bustling resort town and takes it name from the Dalyan River (Dalyan Cayi) meaning "fishing weir". The river flows right through the town down to the coast. Only 10 minutes from Dalyan is the mud baths of Ilica.

A small boat took our party over the river to the mud baths. “Make sure you use an old swimming costume because the mud may waste it” said Dolly. We could see lots of people covering themselves in mud and it looked great fun. The group waded into the pool and duly covered themselves from head to toe with mud.

“What do we do now” declared Billy. “Get out of the bath and let the mud dry on your skin. As the mud dries it will tighten your skin and you will magically look 10 years younger” said a smiling Dolly. The sun was really hot and they could feel the mud tightening as it dried on their skin. Make sure someone has a camera handy because it is a great photo opportunity. “Now wash the mud off in the shower over there” said Bob.

“Ahh that feels great” said Billy. “Lets go in the hot sulphur pool over there”. They all went over and had a dip in the 40 degrees hot springs. It was very relaxing and they chilled out for a while. Lunch followed the mud baths and then the next trip was down the Dalyan river to Turtle Beach.

The trip down the Dalyan River takes around 40 minutes, but this includes a photo stop at the Lycean Rock Tombs. “What are those” asked Billy. “They are the Lycean Rock Tombs “said Bob “The Tombs were carved into the cliffs on the east side of the river in the 4th century B.C. They are remarkably well preserved for their age and make an impressive sight”.

We travelled down the meandering river to the sands at the lovely Turtle Beach. Here the Loggerhead Turtles (caretta caretta) breed between May and September. The beach has lovely fine sand and it is well worth visiting.

Your Riverboat then returns back up the river to Dalyan. “This river looks familiar” said Bob. “It will seem familiar if you have  seen the film "The African Queen" starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. Part of the film was shot right here on the Dalyan river” replied Dolly. The river has bulrushes on either side and has an almost Florida Everglades look to it.
Back in Dalyan, we visited the superb Turtle Statue in the town centre. The Dalyan people have taken to conservation and the statue is a tangible symbol of it. The tour was a great success and Dolly proudly claimed “I’m definitely more beautiful than ever after my mud bath”.
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