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Experience A Magical Evening At Walt Disney World

 No evening is complete at the Magic Kingdom without seeing the spectacular fireworks display over the fairytale castle. Make the experience truly magical by combining the Spectromagic electrical parade too. The parade is seasonal so check times before you go.
Try these two fantastic ways to have a magical evening at Walt Disney World, Florida. Watch the amazing SpectroMagic electrical parade and conclude your evening with a magical firework display in the Magic Kingdom.
You can feel a special atmosphere during the evenings at Walt Disney World, Florida. The excitement of witnessing the Spectromagic parade and the Wishes firework display makes them two fantastic ways to experience a magical evening at Walt Disney World.

The Spectromagic electrical parade is a wonderful attraction that features famous Disney characters in illuminated costumes. There are flowing fiber optic lights, holographic images and good old fashioned flashing lights on the various parade vehicles. There is some brilliant Disney themed music to accompany this marvelous parade. You will remember it for a long time!
Check the dates and times before your visit to Walt Disney World, so that you can work these shows into your itinerary. It is essential for you to try and get a good position for the Spectromagic electrical parade. If you can get a kerb position, it may be possible to interact with some of the characters that accompany the parade. You might have to wait, but you will be well rewarded if you can get a good place to see the parade.

Watch out for all your favorite characters. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Peter Pan, Snow White, Nemo and many others are all there to delight you. The beautiful Cinderella is taken along in the grandest of carriages. This 20-minute show is well worth seeing numerous times because you will see something different every time.

Your evening will conclude with a world-class Disney fireworks display. Wishes is everything a firework display should be. The setting of the fairy tale Cinderella castle is perfection. Visually pleasing, this 12-minute pyrotechnic display takes you through classic Disney tales of adventure and romance. The fireworks eventually build up to a tremendous breath-taking finale.

The music is in perfect unison with the explosions happening right above you and the narration by Jiminy Cricket tells us a thrilling story about making wishes come true. All these factors combine to make a truly memorable display. Make sure you watch out for Tinkerbell flying, weather permitting, from the top of the Cinderella castle.

Seeing Spectromagic and Wishes are two fantastic ways to experience a magical evening at Walt Disney World. Do not forget to make a wish! It might come true!
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